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  • Memorial Options For Cremation Services

    You may have thought about a cremation option as an alternative to a traditional burial service, or you may be under the misconception that cremation means you will have no memorial service. In reality, there are several memorial service options available to you so your loved ones can have closure and say their final goodbyes. […]

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  • 2 Things For Terminally Ill People To Consider When Planning Their Own Funeral

    If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you will deal with many emotions when you receive your diagnosis. Most people will soon reach a level of acceptance and peace regarding their imminent mortality, and your concerns may begin to focus on how the loved ones you’re leaving behind will deal with your passing. […]

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  • Five Fictional Psychologists We Wish Were Real

    A psychologist can be the fall guy in a lot of novels, movies, and television shows. It’s easy to demonize the helper. Sometimes, though, writers depict psychologists as the well-meaning, dedicated professionals that most are, and these fictional psychologists are so fantastic that it’s easy to wish they could be your own real-life therapist.  Alex […]

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  • What Is The Difference Between Open And Closed Family Mediation?

    Family mediation is a voluntary method of resolving disputes to settle child support payments, custody, and other family issues. All parties must sign an Agreement to Mediate. This agreement will include more details on the standards, goals, and the family mediation process based on your specific situation. You also have the option to choose open […]

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  • Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress: How To Deal With Your Bossy Mother, Aunt Or Bridesmaids

    For many future brides, the excitement of being presented with a beautiful engagement ring or the prospect of a tropical honeymoon pale in comparison to one critical aspect of tying the knot: choosing the perfect wedding dress. If you’re getting prepared to say “I Do”, chances are you’re heading to the local bridal shop complete […]

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  • It Is Worth It To Search For The Right Bridal Shop

    Getting married is one of the most important things you will ever do in your life. It is also one of the only times in a girl’s life that she gets to feel like a real-life princess and have all her dreams come true. That is why when I got married I made sure that […]

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Know What’s Wrong

Knowing what's wrong is the first step to resolving a problem. This is true of anything, including a relationship. If you can identify the problem, you will have a better chance of fixing it.

Is the Love Gone?

This is the biggest question that I hear sometimes. Yes, maybe the love is gone. But it didn't just up and leave. You have to keep it there. If it's gone, that means you let it go.

Stubborn Spouses

Stubborn spouses can sometimes be difficult, if you want them to join you in getting marriage counseling. Always remember that you should go together. Don't assume that a spouse needs counseling and you don't.